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‘Fixing’ Hesperus Ski Area not among Mountain Capital Partners’ priorities

Like many who cherish our “local gem” – Hesperus Ski Area – I’m left with more questions than answers about the decision to forego fixing its lift and exclude it from the Power Pass next year.

In light of Mountain Capital Partners’ recent acquisition of another massive Chilean ski resort and Glen May’s letter to the editor critiquing The Durango Herald's selective coverage on Hesperus, I would dig deeper into the lift issue and the cited water problems. Donning my journalism hat, I’ll throw you a few leads.

First, some upgrades at other MCP-owned resorts this winter:

  • Willamette Pass performed $1 million in upgrades, including an electric lift.
  • Lee Canyon added $7 million upgrade and a new quad lift.
  • Nordic Valley Apollo Lift repaired its Chairlift Apollo.

I spoke to Breckenridge’s director of lift maintenance, who tried to reach Hesperus. They may have the same Western gearbox. Call them ASAP!

Finally, despite MCP citing water rights issues, it has historically operated without water. Why not inquire with surrounding landowners about any negotiations? What were the sticking points?

Hesperus was a vital part of my childhood and where I started on ski patrol, like many Purgatory patrollers. It’s a safe place to ski uphill versus the backcountry and provides accessibility for those with fewer resources.

I urge people to ask harder questions. MCP should be transparent about why other resorts are prioritized for upgrades while our hometown gem, which attracts visitors from around the Four Corners, is left to wither.

Amy West