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Fear tactics are harming our society

First off: Thanks Cortez Journal for posting your opinion on Rep. Lauren Boebert. You are so correct.

I am totally dismayed by how loud, invasive and hate-filled the so called patriots are, and they claim it is because they are supporting free speech, love God and support one other part of the Bill of Rights – being armed to the teeth with AR-15s and much more. Really? This is patriotism?

It is not, let’s call a spade a spade, it is downright white supremacy, it is a loud bunch of fear-filled, heavily-armed neighbors who are under-educated, have low skills and are afraid their way of life must be preserved at all costs. Really? A way of life that takes rights from all other citizens not aligned with their fears?

Dear county government, town governments, school boards, take a long and critical look at what the patriots are getting away with. Are our county elected officials and town and school board elected officials all afraid of these fear-saturated folks that common decency and the ability to think clearly have vanished or are in hiding?

Take back our county, take us forward to embracing all our neighbors and make these fear-filled hatriots learn compassion and care. We all deserve a safe place to live and to enjoy life without their fear tactics overriding our every move.

Carol Bylsma