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Family member tests positive for COVID-19 in Bayfield School District

Potentially exposed students attend primary and intermediate schools
Parents and staff members were notified of two students in the Bayfield School District who may have been exposed to a family member with COVID-19.

A family member of students at Bayfield Primary School and Bayfield Intermediate School has tested positive for COVID-19.

Superintendent Kevin Aten said the school district was notified about the family’s situation midday Monday and sent an email to families and staff members who are in the affected students’ cohorts by 2 p.m. The Board of Education was also notified.

There is one student at Bayfield Primary School and one student at Bayfield Intermediate School from the family with a positive case. Both students were not in school Tuesday.

However, in-person learning for other students, if they chose to return after the district notified them, continued Tuesday. Aten said the district is working with San Juan Basin Public Health to contact trace and closely monitor the affected cohorts.

Aten was not able to say when the family member tested positive. It is unclear when the students will be able to return to in-person learning as the district tries to identify the safest path forward.


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