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Family member taken in Yellow Jacket

On the evening of Aug. 19th, between 8:30 and 10:15 p.m., someone took our 6-year-old male black lab from our property in Yellow Jacket.

I am positive that he didn't just run off as him and our border collie are never apart and the border collie is at home and very lonely. Our lab is sweet, trusting and super friendly so I'm sure it wasn't hard to take him.

Whoever took him did not just take a dog, they took a member of our family. The paralyzing grief and worry that he is being mistreated and knowing he is confused and scared and wondering what happened to his family tears my heart out.

He is well known for having sired good-looking pups in the last 4 years which have been sold by friends and family. My belief is that he was taken for just that reason.

Please watch for someone that suddenly has a new adult dog. I continue to pray that he will somehow make it home to us. We are offering a $500 reward, no questions asked, to anyone that can help make that happen. His picture is on Facebook, lost animal sites and flyers all over the local area.

To the people that took him, God may forgive you but I never will. The pain you have caused my family for nothing more than your greed and the belief that you can take anything you want is unforgivable.

Dixie Lee

Yellow Jacket