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For president, our choice is a man who can do at least some of these things

For the next four years, here are the characteristics that

A president who has a healthy working relationship with the talented and experienced Cabinet heads and advisers whom he has selected.

Who thinks long term about the country’s and the world’s challenges, in conjunction with short-term improvements.

Who understands that the world is small and that people’s needs, climate, war and hunger require the combined efforts of many nations and not just one.

Who when he travels overseas is an advocate for human rights and democracy.

Who respects the military officers and enlisted men and women and their families who give to the country.

Who understands that military alliances and an American presence overseas can be necessary.

Who can balance the need for more government with the value of less government.

Who understands that members of the other political party can contribute to determining what is best for the country.

Who values public lands and waterways and all their inhabitants.

Who supports a tax code that better benefits the middle class and encourages corporations to do what’s best for their employees and communities as well as shareholders.

Who recognizes the importance of enlisting other countries in the effort to force China to end its practices of technology control through required ownership and theft.

Who will unify this country’s 340 million people.

Whose personal behavior reflects well on the country and is a model for other world leaders.

We do not expect Joe Biden to do all of the above, and fully, but of the two major-party individuals who want the presidency, he will come closer – much closer.

Joe Biden for president.

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