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Electric official wrong on emissions bill

This year, the Colorado legislature is considering SB 21-200, which limits greenhouse gas emissions from industries in the state. In the Colorado Country Life Magazine’s June 2021 edition, Kent Singer, executive director of Colorado Rural Electric Association, asserts that he will be opposed to this bill because it will be too expensive and his goal is to "keep power affordable and reliable" for electric co-op consumer members.

I think Singer is mistaken if he thinks the majority of co-op members will want to place narrow self-interest before the global efforts to slow the heating and drying up of the earth. We cannot drag our feet and go at a leisurely pace in the efforts to limit the greenhouse heating of the planet. The situation is urgent and dangerous for all of us, and the time to act is now! We need to applaud our legislators for their efforts to take firm action on our behalf, and for the love of our beautiful planet.

Anne Bowler