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Electric bills delayed because of storm in Texas

Farmington utility service posted update on Facebook
The Farmington Electric Utility System announced on its Facebook page that bills will arrive late because of the winter storm that hit Texas.

FARMINGTON – Electric utility bills will be delivered late to some Farmington customers this week as a result of the winter storm that hit most of the United States and left hundreds of thousands without power in Texas, where the utility system’s bills are printed and mailed.

The Farmington Electric Utility System, a public utility owned by the city of Farmington, posted a notice Thursday on Facebook.

“The company that prints and mails our bills is located in Texas and their local post office is experiencing a loss of power during the unprecedented storms that have hit their region,” the post reads.

The post from the utility system went on to say that the Texas company, Data Prose, has not been able to mail anything all week, which will “cause a delay in you receiving your bill if it was generated this week.”

Curtis Nelson, chief operating officer for the company, said while there have been some challenges during the storm, it has been able to submit mail.

“Unfortunately, the USPS facilities that process our mail have been without power,” Nelson said.

He added that the company did consider switching those operations to a second production site in California but that there wouldn’t be any time saved at this point.

The Farmington Electric Utility System serves about 46,000 customers, according to numbers provided by the city of Farmington. This week, 8,397 of those customers would have had a bill mailed that might be delayed.

The post reminded customers that the utility service is not disconnecting service or charging late fees and the “issue should not affect your account adversely in any way.”

For questions, customers are urged to call the customer service line at (505) 599-1353 and dial extension zero.


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