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Election denier is ‘name-calling’

One of the telling things about the 2020 election is that there were a number of irregularities, rules were illegally changed to allow mail-in voting and various other issues. Even leftist scholars like Jonathan Turley opined that there were so many irregularities that a national investigation was called for. Instead, Democrats have avoided or blocked as many investigations as possible and have been terming any questions about the election they won as "The Big Lie."

Now, The Durango Herald has taken the typical Democrat/leftist position of calling people who have questions about the election as "election deniers." Seriously? You're calling people names because they have legitimate concerns? Why not do the neutral and objective thing and call for an investigation, instead of attempting to shape public opinion? You know, like the Trump-Russia-collusion investigation you were so in favor of? Stop the name-calling against conservatives while you’re rallying for soft words to be spoken about illegal alien immigrants.

Mike Sigman