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Eight Montezuma-Cortez students recognized for excellence

Senior Myles Larrick was named an advanced placement scholar for scoring a three on three or more of his AP exams. (Jennifer Boniface/Courtesy photo)
Six receive exceptional scores on advanced placement; two earn National Merit status

Eight students at Montezuma-Cortez High School have achieved exceptional scores on advanced placement exams and two received National Merit recognition.

According to an email Wednesday from Principal Jennifer Boniface, the eight are Myles Larrick, Alicia Brito, Heather Martinez, Marisol Candelaria, Lily Sandner, Clayton Elliott, Isabella Tewell and Leopold Morey.

Larrick, a senior, was deemed an AP scholar for scoring a three or higher on three or more AP exams he took this year.

Brito and Martinez earned National Merit status. Martinez earned the National Hispanic Recognition Award, and Brito earned both the National Hispanic Recognition Award and the National Rural and Small Town Award.

The remaining five students all scored a four on one or more of their AP exams.

Candelaria and Sandner scored a four on drawing; Elliott, on environmental science and English language composition; Tewell, on environmental science; and Morey, on human geography.

AP exams are offered by the College Board and are taken in May after students have spent a school year in an AP course. The exams help measure college readiness.

The lowest score a student can get is a one, and the highest is a five. According to the College Board, students who achieve a three or higher could be offered scholarships, credit or high placement from a college or university.

Heather Martinez received National Merit and was awarded the National Hispanic Recognition Award. (Jennifer Boniface/Courtesy photo)
Alicia Brito received National Merit status and was awarded the National Hispanic Recogniton Award and the National Rural and Small Town Award. (Jennifer Boniface/Courtesy photo)
Leopold Morey scored a four on the AP human geography exam. (Jennifer Boniface/Courtesy Photo)
Marisol Candelaria (left) and Lily Sandner scored a four in advanced placement drawing. Clayton Elliott, middle, scored a four on both environmental science and English language composition AP exams. (Jennifer Boniface/Courtesy photo)
Isabella Tewell scored a four on her AP environmental science exam. (Jennifer Boniface/Courtesy photo)