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‘Editors at the Herald are myopic’

The Durango Herald has ceased all relevance to the community.

I’m wondering how the letter from a recent writer on March 27 isn’t denigrating literally half of the country? I can already tell the letter writer isn’t smarter than Donald Trump because he didn’t know when to use “I” and when to use “me.”

I thought progressives were particularly interested in pronouns.

The bigger challenge I have is that the letter writer votes for a person and smart citizens vote for the policies of the candidate.

For instance, a secure border, all of the amendments (people tend to focus on the first two, but they are all important). Inflation, economic outlook, our military and veterans, infrastructure, etc., are all things I believe most should be concerned about.

Apparently, this letter writer and the Herald are not.

The letter writer cited no reasons why he would vote in opposition to Trump, other than the fact that half the country is apparently drinking poisonous Kool-Aid. This person must not recall the prosperity that we had under the Trump administration and must relish paying $3.50 for gasoline, higher electricity and 40% higher grocery bills.

If I were to call this letter writer a complete moron for championing bad policies will you print that? No. You will use that selective edit button, I’ve come to know so well.

There’s a reason the readership of the Herald is small. The editors at the Herald are myopic and letters that challenge the preferred narrative are simply ignored or edited accordingly.

Diana Snodgrass