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Durango police arrest Albuquerque man suspected of killing two roommates

Law enforcement flattened suspect’s tires and took him into custody as he left store

An Albuquerque man suspected of killing his two roommates on April 30 was arrested this week in the Walmart parking lot in Durango.

The Durango Police Department was notified shortly before 5 p.m. Wednesday that the suspect was inside Walmart. Within 23 minutes, police formed a plan and took the man into custody, said Brice Current, assistant chief with DPD.

“We were in the middle of a shift change and the command staff was in a meeting and we received this call and got some fresh information as to where he was,” Current said.

Law enforcement responded to Walmart, found the suspect’s vehicle and flattened his tires, he said.

They then stationed outside the store and waited for him to walk outside with his groceries.

“Cmdr. Casey Malone ran up behind him and ordered him to the ground and everybody else kind of fell in and he was arrested without incident and everybody was safe,” Current said.

The suspect was identified as Samuel Archuleta, 21, who fled Albuquerque after telling his parents he killed his roommates, according to a news release from the Albuquerque Police Department.

“Archuleta is accused of fatally shooting Jarrod Jackson and Nicole Sanchez, both 25, at the residence,” the release says.

Current said it was a risky operation because the arrest was done in a heavily populated area and the suspect was reported to be armed and dangerous.

“However, certain doors will only open once and they open quick,” he said. “You have to be able to be decisive to be able to make the right decisions at the right time.”

Police determined it was safe to make an “open-air arrest,” meaning it was done outside. But they had to be mindful of their surroundings in the event of a gunfight. That is why Malone approached from behind and ordered the suspect to the ground.

According to a criminal complaint, Archuleta told his father and stepmother that he shot his roommates in the face.

“Dad, I had enough,” he said, according to an arrest warrant. “I just let go. I shot my roommates in the face and they are dead. I’m sorry. I will see you when I see you.”

He then hung up the phone.

Police responded to the address and found a man and a woman dead in the living room area with gunshots.

The father told police his son drinks a lot of alcohol and had been having problems with his roommates breaking into his room and abusing his dog, according to the arrest warrant.

The father was also concerned about his son’s mental health and whether Archuleta would try to harm himself.

Archuleta was not armed at the time of his arrest, Current said.


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