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Dolores school board votes to move forward with bond proposal for November election

Dolores Superintendent Reece Blincoe looks over plans for Phase 1 of their master plan while members of the board and school staff look on. (Archive photo)
The bond committee is lending its support to the school board to campaign for the bond

The Dolores School District RE-4A school board recently voted to move forward with a bond in the November election that would bring enhancements and renovations to the school’s campus.

To create a successful bond proposal, the board and members of the community have established a Dolores School Campaign Committee, which says they lend their support to the school board’s bond proposal.

“For generations, Dolores School District RE-4A has been a community cornerstone, providing exceptional education. The updated master plan ensures the school remains in town, preserving this proud tradition,” the news release from the committee’s Anna Vaughn said.

The district hopes to receive community support in passing the bond in November, which would open doors to “significant” funding through the Colorado BEST grant. If the district is chosen for the BEST grant, it would allow the district to provide campus and building improvements and move forward with Phase 1 one of their master plan, which includes building a new high school and demolishing the current middle school.

The news release said that acquiring the BEST grant and support of the bond will ensure that Dolores children “continue to receive the quality education they deserve, right in the town of Dolores.”

According to Vaughn, the proposed bond includes a new high school with state-of-the-art facilities, including an agriculture science lab, secure common areas, covered access and double vestibule entrances.

The conversion of existing high school into a modern middle school with secure classrooms, dedicated bus loop and covered walkways.

On the community survey about the bond, dealing with flooding issues was a major concern of voters. One of the facets of the bond proposal is flood mitigation at district facilities through improved drainage and raised elevation of new buildings.

The elementary school will also be renovated to include a covered entrance for bus and parent drop-off, and the existing middle school will be demolished to create a secure playground and common area for students.

They also will be focusing on building improvements to ensure ADA compliance and addressing critical school repairs, including HVAC upgrades for improved indoor air quality.

“A well-informed community is pivotal in making informed decisions for the benefit of our children’s education,” said board member and committee chair Clay Tallmadge. “The committee will serve as a reliable source of information, working alongside the district to answer questions and address concerns from the community.”

The news release said that the improvements will “create a safer and more conducive learning environment and contribute to the economic vitality of our local businesses and community.”

Interested community members can support the committee by donating at Dolores State Bank to the account “Dolores School Campaign Committee,” and funds will be used to help campaign for the bond.