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‘Do own research’ on Kennedy Jr.

Those in power seek to stay in power and their influence includes promoting lies. In a recent guest column by Mike Littwin, he called presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. an “anti-vaxxer conspiracy-theorist scion of the embarrassed Kennedy family.”

If you do your own research – and look beyond name-calling and words taken out of context – you will see the following:

Kennedy edited a well-researched book that examines how mercury in vaccines, in the form of thimerosal, is harmful. Thankfully, thimerosal has now been removed from most vaccines (but of course government officials and pharmaceutical representatives won’t admit any harm it caused).

Kennedy also points out that vaccine manufacturers are free from legal liability. The $38 billion the drug industry has paid in settlements over the past few decades doesn’t include injury from vaccines, even though some injuries do occur.

What if Kennedy’s so-called conspiracy theories are actually correct? We won’t know until we have a government that is committed to honesty and transparency.

This past week, congressional hearings involving bureaucrats from the highest levels of the National Institutes of Health testified on whether there had been a cover-up regarding a lab-leak origin for the COVID-19 pandemic. Kennedy has been denigrated for expressing this belief, but it is quite possible he is right.

Lastly, there are more than 100 people in Kennedy’s family; most support him, including his cousin Anthony Shriver. But a few of them work for the Biden administration and support Joe Biden.

Saying his whole family is embarrassed by him is, once again, a low blow and untrue.

Christine Smith