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Destination: state finals

Four Dolores Destination Imagination teams headed to state championships
Taylor LaRose, Aaron Hackett, Braden Boyd, Joseph Cochrane and Hazel Smith won the Southwest Region Destination Imagination first place award in the Feary Tales category. Their adult sponsor is Michelle Cochrane and not pictured was Sara Spore.

Dolores went in to the regional tournament in Durango over the weekend with five teams.

When the dust settled, four teams came out as qualifiers for the state competition in Denver, April 24.

Students formed Destination Imagination teams in January, picked a team name and began practicing and working on a problem they'd have to solve and present at the regional competition.

Destination Imagination offers kids a creative, collaborative experience in which they learn to make group decisions and celebrate each other's work.

"We had a successful regional tournament and have four teams who qualified for state," said coach Sue Garlick.

The teams that qualified for the state competition are: Team Stinky Socks (third-grade team), Team Jenga (fourth grade), the Beartown Shakesfears (fourth grade and the Edgar Allen Posers (high school).

Those who attend the state tournament will have the opportunity to qualify for the World Tournament, held in Tennessee each year.

"The students at Dolores are grateful for the community support for Destination Imagination that they receive from their Volunteer Team Managers, the Booster Club, parents and the school professionals who support this fun, exciting after-school activity each year," Garlick said.

The Edgar Allen Posers, coached by Sandy Corbitt, also won a Davinci Award over the weekend.

Team members on the Edgar Allen Posers are: Courtney Corbitt, Sarah Cochrane, Zenda Olson, Tayonna Gallegos and Destiny Montoya.

The girls had to pick three different improv acts and three different street performances. They were given three different places and three different problems. The girls had two minutes to prepare for each scene and one minute to perform.