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DeAnne House wins seat on Ute Mountain council

Seven candidates ran in election; 415 voters turn out

DeAnne House was re-elected to the Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Council during an election on Friday in Towaoc.

House earned 113 votes out of 415 cast. She came out ahead of challengers Selwyn Whiteskunk (83 votes), Lyndreth Wall (58 votes), Fernessa Dutchie Richards (55 votes), Mark Wing (53 votes), Davis Wing (18 votes) and Marcianne Wing (17 votes).

“The campaign went well, and I had a lot of support,” House said after the results came in. “I thank everyone who came out and participated in the election.”

House is related to former tribal leaders Ernest House Sr. and Chief Jack House, the tribe’s last traditional leader.

House holds two college degrees, one in geology from the University of Colorado, and one in psychology. She was recently the tribe’s contract and grant specialist and has worked as an addiction counselor.

In an interview with The Journal, House said that as a tribal leader she will continue to advocate for the people. In her first term, she worked on tribal energy resources, including oil and gas and hydropower, and supported youth programs.

Promoting more housing and education for the next generation are two of the goals she’s set for her next term.

“Youth need to be taught the issues facing our tribe so they can be effective future leaders,” she said.

For example, they need to understand the importance of getting tribally owned water held in Lake Nighthorse delivered to the reservation, and that developing energy resources are essential for the tribe’s finances, House said.

“Our youths need knowledge to lead. I’ve had to use all of my skills and education to govern and gain the trust of the people.”

Her business sense and education background have been a benefit for the tribe, said supporter Karen Box.

“She’s smart and understands finances,” she said. “She always has the people in mind, and brings out the tribe’s best potential.”

All six tribal council seats are held by women. They are Juanita Plentyholes, Colleen Cuthair, Elaine Cantsee, Marissa Box, Prisllena Rabbit, and DeAnne House. Harold Cuthair is the tribal chairman.


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