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‘Crushing weight of U.S. debt piling up’

Dear Washington, D.C.,

It is time to re-prioritize spending. You already receive plenty of tax money from us. Use the money you already take in a more prudent fashion! That’s why we elected you – to represent us!

We are very tired of the same old things getting through in DC. Please reprioritize and decrease spending and bring our national debt under control. Vote on one item at a time (no earmarks, no special interest consessions) and vote prudently. What is continuing to happen is hurting everyone.

Address the Biden administration’s false claims of fiscal responsibility, when in fact there has been record breaking deficit spending. Even CNN fact checked the claims as false (https://www.cnn.com/2023/01/28/politics/fact-check-biden-economic-speech-january-2023/index.html)! Everyone knows that food, energy, housing prices, etc. have all skyrocketed because of the continued regulatory and environmental imposed restrictions, unchecked illegal immigration, shutting down of certain manufacturing and impeding energy production, etc.

It is time to stop creating the roadblocks with your executive orders and legislation! Allow the free market to flourish. The federal government was meant to protect our rights and assist, not impede.

Everyone, please, write your legislator! The crushing weight of our U.S. debt is piling up on every American and must be stopped.

Kelly Hegarty