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‘Creepy but beautiful’ October art exhibit launches at Dolores Public Library

Artist Cami Lange poses with some of her artwork at the Dolores Public Library Saturday.
And it’s just in time for Halloween

Scrawling black lines coalesce to form the shapes of skeletons, flowers dripping with blood and hands with eerily long nails in the newest line of artwork hung on the Dolores Public Library’s gallery walls.

“I’m definitely a Halloween fan,” artist Cami Lange said as she introduced her art, which she describes as “creepy but beautiful“.

When viewing her art this month, Lange wants visitors to feel spirited for Oct. 31.

She usually creates her pieces digitally, crafting them over the course of two or three days. She uses a stylus to draw thin, arching lines that converge to form art that feels minimalistic and unusual.

“I’ve always kind of liked the spookier side of things,” she said.

She experiments with pen pressure and different thicknesses and lengths of lines to create the illusion of shadows within her images.

Her penchant for art flows from her parents, who are both creative beings. Even though he won’t admit it, she said, Lange even sees the artistic side of her dad’s welding.

Although art has been a lifelong passion for Lange, her work as it is now is more of a recent development in her timeline of imaginative expressions.

While attending Montezuma-Cortez High School, she enrolled in Advanced Placement art classes, and then attended Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, where she received her bachelor’s degree in illustration in 2017.

She took a step back from art after receiving her degree, but is hoping to get back into it —starting with this first gallery appearance since her college days. One day, she hopes to own her own gallery.

Her work can be found on her website: fifthhousefabrications.com. She also fashions a variety of handmade objects, like jewelry and crochet bags.

The library’s gallery space is booked to feature monthly exhibits through the spring, said Bryan Kyle, library assistant and art exhibit organizer. He said the art displays have been well-received.

The library will host a Halloween bash Oct. 31 from 5 to 8 p.m., and it will take on the appearance of a haunted pirate ship.