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County road crew deserves a thanks

This is a long overdue thank-you to the crew of the Montezuma County Road Department. Throughout this incredibly long and intense winter, the crew worked hard to keep our county roads plowed. Then came the rains and overflowing ditches which added even more work to their already strenuous schedule. One evening in March, our driveway, which ends on a county road, completely washed out when the culvert became clogged and overflowed. We repaired it ourselves with lots of gravel and tractor work. Unfortunately, half of it disappeared again within a week. Our next repair job was to line it with sandbags. Imagine our great relief and surprise, when a crew showed up one morning and permanently repaired our driveway. Not only did they do an amazing job, but they did it with smiles on their faces! So a big thanks to all of the hardworking folks of the Montezuma County Road Department. Your hard work is truly appreciated.


Terri Helm, Cortez