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Cortez Sanitation District looking for board members

Robinson steps down from board
A cyclist rides a trail at Carpenter Natural Area in this file photo. The Cortez Sanitation District has caused damage to sidewalk panels at the park and will need to repair them.

The Cortez Sanitation District continues to search for a replacement for Tim Krebs, who served as manager for 13 years before his death on May 20.

District board members on Monday held an executive session to discuss candidates for the position, according to superintendent Phil Starks.

At Monday’s regular meeting, the board accepted the resignation of board member Tim Robinson, who has stepped down for personal reasons, according to Starks. Another board member, Dylan Ferguson, may move out of the district soon, so the board may need to find two new members, he said.

The sanitation district is on the hook to pay for damaged sidewalk panels at the Carpenter Natural Area. Maintenance trucks travel across the area to access a sewer line, and several concrete panels have been damaged through wear and tear, Starks said.

Board members disputed the number of panels they needed to replace. Starks said the city’s parks department was asking the district to replace 12 panels, but board member Jim Candelaria said he discussed the issue with city officials and they had asked that the district replace 15 panels.

At a meeting in 2014, district board members approved the replacement of 18 panels, but the repairs were not completed at that time, Starks said.

Ferguson said that if the district agreed to a certain amount of work at that meeting, board members should not agree to pay more for repairs now because the construction has been delayed for two years.

Starks said the district is responsible for the damage to the panels, and board members should replace what the city asks them to replace.

“Let’s not point fingers and get this done,” Starks said.

The price for the repairs will not be finalized until the City Council approves the bid for the 2016 concrete cost-share project, which the council will discuss at its meeting Tuesday evening.

Also Monday, board members approved a $148,000 payment to D&L Construction of Cortez for the Ash Area sewer project, as well as a $30,000 payment to Ortec for operations manuals delivery.

The board also approved a $57,600 payment to Redpoint Contractors for the Paradise Village project, which is the last payment for that project.

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