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Cortez police warn of fake $5 bills in area

Counterfeit $5 bills like this one have been circulating around Cortez. They all have the serial number PK42691282A. Contact Cortez Police if you or your business comes across these bills at (970) 565-8441.
Counterfeit bills were discovered in cash deposits from local businesses

Counterfeit $5 bills are circulating in the area, according to the Cortez Police Department.

The fake currency has shown up at businesses and were identified by Four Corners Community Bank from deposits, said Assistant Chief Andy Brock.

In the past two weeks, at least three of the counterfeit $5 bills have turned up, he said.

“They are good-looking bills except they are fake,” Brock said.

The counterfeit fives all have the same serial number of PK42691282A.

The same serial number is a common feature of counterfeit bills, Brock said.

If anyone has received a suspected counterfeit bill or has information on their source, contact the Cortez Police Department at 970-565-8441. If deemed fake, the bill will be collected by a police officer.

When someone or a business receives a $5 bill that is fake, they are considered victims and are encouraged to contact police, Brock said. Banks do not redeem counterfeit bills.

The business or person defrauded could help the investigation by recalling who or where they got the bill from. If from a store, security cameras may help track down leads in the case.

No suspects have been identified and the investigation is ongoing, Brock said. Officers have visited convenience stores in Cortez to make them aware of the situation.

According to Cortez Police Department reports, fake $5 bills were discovered by Four Corners Community Bank in deposits from the Fiesta Theater, Slavens Hardware and the Cork and Bottle liquor store.

None of the employees were aware the bills were counterfeit, according to the reports. The bills were circulated between Feb. 23 and Feb. 28.

The bills are turned over to the U.S. Secret Service, which investigates counterfeit money.

Merchants and citizens are encouraged to educate themselves on the security features of official reserve notes. For information, visit Know Your Money page at uscurrency.gov or secretservice.gov.