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Cortez Police Department announces feature to text 911 in an emergency

Now, people in Montezuma County can text 911 in an emergency. (Unsplash)
Program rolled out to create a layer of safety

The Cortez Police Department released a flyer Jan. 18 advertising a feature that allows residents to text 911 in an emergency.

The text allows potential victims of violence to quietly text a message rather than risk exposure by calling for help aloud, said police public information officer Kelly Codner. After a text is sent, dispatchers can trace the text and send officers to the location.

The text also can access emergency contact information and medical information provided in the emergency medical section of smartphones, if that portion has been filled out by the user.

The text system provides parents the opportunity to talk with their children about speaking up if something wrong or illegal is taking place and helps to assure parents that their child could discreetly report unsafe use of drugs, alcohol and firearms.

“With the amount of guns that are being handled by young people, it’s a great way for people to report those situations without putting themselves in danger,” Codner said.