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‘Conservative will stay away from MAGA event’

This Saturday, the La Plata County Lincoln Day Dinner will take place in Ignacio. Until recently, I was disinterested. The Republicans were conservatives. Now things are very different. The MAGA extremists headline this fundraiser. Will the monies raised go directly to paying for the defense of Donald Trump, Matt Gaetz or their cohorts?

Will the funds raised here stay in Colorado or will they go to one of the trials in effect elsewhere? Here in the Centennial state, there are many that firmly believe in family values. Will these beliefs be respected or will the money end up in the hands of lying politicians?

Gaetz lusts for the Attorney General position under candidate Donald Trump. Will he receive his universal pardon, the one that forgives every offense from the beginning to the end of time? Since he has been allegedly accused of sex trafficking, what would happen if he had a license to commit sin?

U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert will also attend the Lincoln Gala. Thank you, for the Bayfield stoplight. Perhaps this specific earmark should have a plaque with your name on it? Will anybody be on the ballot? Anybody but Boebert?

I am a conservative but I will stay away from this MAGA event. I’ll spend all of my money on a local bake sale for our schools before irresponsibly giving MAGA even a penny. Knowing MAGA, any monies raised might pay for the next insurrection. Furthermore, I want my Social Security, along with Medicare and Medicaid.

Former Republicans, go get a cup of coffee. Fascism is un-American!

Joe Hubbard