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Community Christmas dinner thanks volunteers

Volunteers are often unsung heroes. To the 45 community volunteers (a record, by the way) who participated in the annual Cortez Community Christmas Dinner, we thank you.

You set up the room, carved turkeys, cooked spuds, baked cookies, plated meals, served our guests, cut pies, made coffee, bused tables, sang songs, played bagpipes, managed recycling, delivered to those who couldn’t come – and the most fun of all – you washed dishes, cleaned, mopped and took out trash.

Without you, we could not do this. Your generosity of time and spirit – for the better part of Christmas day – reminds all of us that we are a community. A unit. In this together.

We value each and every one of you.

Cindy O’Brien,Volunteer coordinator Cortez Community Christmas Dinner