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Colorado Rep. Marc Catlin honored in Review magazine

Courtesy photo via FacebookMarc and Kerri Catlin at the Colorado Capitol in Denver in January.
‘Who has the Juice in 2022’ features 10 individuals or groups

Colorado District 58 Representative Marc Catlin was featured in Review magazine’s Colorado politics article “Who has the Juice in 2022,” and was the only Republican legislator to be honored.

The article featured 10 various individuals or groups who “had the greatest impact on state politics” in 2022. Other honorees were Gov. Jared Polis, Colorado Democrat Leader Morgan Carroll, U.S. Rep. Yadira Caraveo, U.S Rep. Brittany Pettersen, Keeping Colorado Local, Jon Caldara, Healthier Colorado, House Speaker-Designate Julie McCluskie, and Senate President Steve Fenberg.

“Being recognized is an honor, especially being included with nine leaders who have a statewide impact. My office and I will continue to represent and voice Western Colorado and the 58th District interests at the state level,” Catlin said.

The article noted Catlin’s bipartisan approach to bills and other initiatives. All the 22 bills Catlin has helped successfully pass were all bipartisan bills. He has been representing District 58 for six years.

Catlin is also starting his third consecutive year as the vice chairman of the Agriculture, Natural Resources and Water committee, is a member of the Capital Develop Committee and rank member of the Transportation and Local Government Committee, along with being the House Minority Whip for the rest of the 73rd General Assembly.

When asked about his journey into politics, Catlin laughed and said, “Well, it wasn’t on my bucket list!”

After a seat opened in the 58th District with the resignation of a senator, Catlin was urged by those who knew him to run for the seat.

“I finally said, ‘OK, look. I’m going to go home and ask my wife, and whatever she says is what we’re going to do,’” Catlin said.

Once he arrived home, he told his wife, “Kerri, they want me to stand for the House of Representatives.” She turned around from the sink and said, “Well, I think you should.”

“So that’s kind of what made the decision,” he said.

In the 58th District, Catlin represents eight counties – Dolores, Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montezuma, Montrose, Ouray and San Miguel counties.

In this new session, Catlin said he has two bills he hopes to see pass.

The first would require high schools and colleges to print the suicide hotline on the back of all student IDs to help students have lifesaving conversations if they need it.

“If people are feeling bad or feeling worried about themselves, there’s someplace they can reach out to,” Catlin said.

The second bill would help food pantries and other organizations that deal with hunger while supporting local farmers. Catlin said this bill would allow food pantries to re-contract with farmers to get food for their pantries, rather than waiting until after the harvest to see if there is any left over.

“Farmers know their goal and the food pantry knows it has a supply,” Catlin explained. “It will help with the supply of food for those who are trying to help the hungry.”

Catlin also noted that water was on his high-priority list, and he would be “keeping an eye” on any water bills presented to make sure the state doesn’t try to change laws on water.

“Water’s going to be a big, big deal in this session,” he said.