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City of Cortez to hold public funeral for councilman

Tim Miller to be honored at City Hall

The public is invited to attend the funeral of a Cortez council member on Saturday.

Councilman Tim Miller died of natural causes at age 69 on Dec. 27, after serving on the board for almost two years. A service in honor of him will be held at City Hall. Miller’s family has announced the funeral will be open to the public.

In addition to serving on the council, Miller was a member of the Cortez Cultural Center’s board of directors and the Montezuma Community Economic Development Association.

During his campaign for city council, he emphasized his support for local businesses, and once elected in 2016, he regularly voted in favor of measures designed to help businesses expand, even when that put him at odds with the rest of the council.

In a statement released by the city on Jan. 3, city manager Shane Hale wrote that Miller was “always in a good mood and quick with a smile,” and praised his work ethic.

“In his time as a City Councilman, Tim Miller took his job seriously,” Hale wrote. “He was always well prepared for discussion, and showed the courage of his convictions when he held the minority opinion.”

Several members of the city staff, including Mayor Karen Sheek, have said they plan to attend Miller’s funeral.

Sheek said she admired Miller’s enthusiasm for the committees on which he served, and felt he often went “above and beyond” what was required of him as a council member.

“He had really strong opinions on things, but if he ever felt he had been too forceful, he was the first to say so,” she said. “He always wanted to work with his fellow council members ...he is certainly going to be missed.”

The funeral begins at 3 p.m. Saturday in the council chambers at City Hall, 123 N. Roger Smith Ave.

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