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Chase Sexton surprises Jett Lawrence with win at The Wick in Round 5 of Motocross

Chase Sexton passed Jett Lawrence to win the second Motocross race at The Wick on Saturday. (Screen Capture via NBC Sports YouTube)
Hunter Lawrence’s podium spot allowed him to maintain his lead in the standings

Hunter Lawrence on Saturday turned in top-three finishes in both his races in Southwick, Massachusetts, to maintain a three-point lead over Jett Lawrence and Chase Sexton after five rounds in the Pro Motocross Championship series.

Jett Lawrence and Sexton are now tied for second in the 450 cc class.

Jett Lawrence won the first race in The Wick at Southwick National raceway, while Chase Sexton surprised Jett Lawrence to take the first place win in the second race.

In the first race, Jett Lawrence claimed the hole shot with Hunter Lawrence close behind in second and Chase Sexton in third.

Sexton passed Hunter Lawrence for second, but it wasn’t long before Hunter Lawrence passed Sexton to retake his spot.

During Hunter Lawrence’s surge, he also passed his brother and maintained a solid lead until he went off the track briefly, allowing Jett Lawrence to once again pass him for first.

Riders rode pretty spread out in the first race, with Jett Lawrence out in front by a large margin and second-place Hunter Lawrence nearly 8 seconds behind. Third-place Sexton was nearly 14 seconds behind around the three-minute mark.

Jett Lawrence placed first for his fourth straight Motocross win this season. Hunter Lawrence placed second and Sexton in third.

In the second race, Jett Lawrence once again took the hole shot with Hunter Lawrence in second “like clockwork.” Sexton quickly moved to third while Hunter Lawrence passed his brother for the first place position.

At the 13-minute mark, Hunter Lawrence was three seconds ahead of his brother. Jett Lawrence pulled closer to Hunter Lawrence as the minutes ticked by and attempted to pass, but failed at his first attempt before finally pulling ahead at the eight-minute mark.

Sexton passed Hunter Lawrence for second place soon after.

“Chase Sexton wants his shot at the moto win,” commentators said.

Sexton passed Jett Lawrence, but Jett Lawrence passed him again. A rider went down in front of Sexton, allowing Jett Lawrence to gain a stronger hold on the lead, but Sexton wasn’t deterred.

“We got a race here people,” commentators said.

Sexton passed Jett Lawrence again after taking a jump further than Jett Lawrence did. His jump allowed him to take a more commanding lead than before, making it difficult for Jett Lawrence to pass him again.

“He backed out of it,” commentators said of Jett Lawrence.

Sexton ended up winning the race by nearly 12 seconds, with Jett Lawrence in second and Hunter Lawrence in third.

If Jett Lawrence had won the race with Hunter Lawrence maintaining his third place spot, Jett Lawrence and Hunter Lawrence would have been tied for the points leader.

In the SMX World Championship point standings after Round 22, Jett Lawrence is sitting in first place with 561 points, Sexton in second with 517 points, Jason Anderson in third with 430 points and Hunter Lawrence in fourth with 420 points.

Cooper Webb is still in the top 10 despite not racing any Motocross races so far this season because of a thumb surgery.

He has started riding again, according to commentators, though it isn’t clear when he will return to racing.

As of this writing, there has still been no word from Cortez and Star Racing Yamaha racer Eli Tomac since news of his thumb surgery in May.

The next Motocross race will take place on Saturday, July 6, at RedBud MX in Buchanan, Michigan.