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By voting we show our patriotism

In response to Mr. Williamson’s letter to the editor (Journal, Dec. 15) about, “Trump supporters not being patriots.”

I’m an independent voter who carefully considered both top presidential candidates in 2020. The fact that I chose one over the other does not suggest that I am or am not a patriot. I took the time to see what each candidate had to offer based off their previous political accomplishments and picked the one most suited and accomplished to direct our country.

However, by voting we show patriotism no matter who we vote for. If you’re offended by the flags flown in our county in support of the better candidate, perhaps it is because you picked the wrong candidate and are seeing the results of your blunder. We care deeply about preserving democracy which even you should be able to see is in serious danger.

I doubt you or anyone else who voted for Mr. Biden is flying high a Biden flag. We wish you would so we would know who to thank for voting in: higher prices of everything, being a laughing stock by the Afghanistan pullout, disrespected by other countries, giving up our energy independence, all while plunging our country into a welfare, socialist nation.

Patriots care about these things because they effect the future of our country. The “Big Lie” is if you think any of us is better off now than a year ago.

John Anderson