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Boebert’s assembly, funding request timeline

October 21, 2022

Following a phone call, Dolores Secondary School Social Studies teacher Edward Miller asks U.S. Rep. Boebert’s office if she could “make a quick stop before the midterm elections.”

March 1 and March 2, 2023

Boebert office responds and elevates “quick stop” to an “assembly” with Principal Justin Schmitt. Office requests date of March 15, when Boebert would share “historic events from the opening of the 118th Session of Congress, answer student questions related to legislative duties, and likely add some personal stories.”

Assembly confirmed. Pre-visit by Boebert’s team planned for March 8.

Community Project Funding request form and March 22 deadline shared with Southwest entities.

March 5

Earliest mail from staff member to school board, expressing disapproval of Boebert’s assembly.

March 9

Email from principal to staff on Boebert’s visit. Schmitt said it is “NOT” a political event, and parents and community members are “NOT” permitted to attend the assembly.

Separately, the Dolores School Board approves an additional year on Superintendent Reece Blincoe’s contract.

March 11

Schmitt forwards federal funding application to Blincoe.

March 13

Schmitt notifies parents about Boebert’s assembly to “clarify the nature of her visit and address any concerns.” Boebert’s visit “to promote civic engagement,” he said.

March 14

Blincoe contacts Boebert’s office about federal funding application for new track and field, and renovated playgrounds. Request is $1.5 million.

Asks two board members for letters of support.

March 15

Boebert’s assembly day. Afterward, Boebert meets with administrators and at least one board member to discuss funding for track and field, and renovated playgrounds.

More email correspondence about funding.

March 17

Boebert’s regional director shared a note for the website about the visit that included: “what it’s like to serve in Congress, my priorities as their Congresswoman, and the importance of civic engagement. They also had some amazing questions!”

March 20

More correspondence about the funding application.

Boebert’s Southwest Regional Director Naomi Dobbs tells Schmitt how students can submit follow-up questions, “after the school has reviewed to eliminate based on your own discretion.”

March 21

Superintendent submits funding application in Google docs with two letters of support.

March 22

Superintendent submits Microsoft Word version of application.

April 9

Parent’s request to superintendent for discussion of Boebert’s assembly as agenda item at the April 13 school board meeting.

April 10

It will not be an agenda item, superintendent said.

April 11

Parent files formal complaint against Schmitt.

April 13

Disheartened parents speak at Dolores RE-4A school board meeting during public comments.

April 14

Parent files formal complaint against Blincoe.

April 20

Parent asks school board for help with district following CORA law.

May 17 and May 18, 2023

Email to DSD, asking about missing emails from parents not included in CORA request and why some emails sent with header but no body.

* Some dates, timing of information corrected on May 24, 2023.