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Boebert should focus on water

Recently, U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert criticized our nation for not having enough firearms. She mentioned that our fellow citizens owned 46% of privately owned guns in the world. She continued, “We need to get our numbers up, boys and girls!” This is not a football game, a contest where the winner receives a trophy.

Our country is notorious for having too many maniacs and too many weapons that are easy to acquire, which has repeatedly proven to be a deadly combination. How can a Christian Nationalist support such a position? Jesus advocated love and peace, not arming oneself like a revolutionary!

Speaking as a responsible gun owner, I don’t need more guns because I can only fire one at a time. I hate being a pallbearer, especially when the dear departed was an unnecessary young victim of gun violence. I’ve done this awful task and I do not recommend it.

Boebert, stifle! Enough of your extremism. Bolshevism slaughtered opposition, especially the Romanov imperial family, and I believe that you are an American Bolshevik from Florida. Quit referring to yourself as any type of Christian because you do not emulate Christ!

Instead, a severe water shortage looms in the very near future. Try to focus on this critical issue throughout your district, which is a legitimate bipartisan infrastructure issue. Try to work with other Western representatives toward alleviating the predicted drought, and promoting water conservation throughout the Western states.

Joe Hubbard