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Boebert is hard-working, common-sense legislator

I take civic engagement very seriously, and I wanted to express my concern about some of the media stories and letters that appear that are clearly generated by them in regard to Rep. Lauren Boebert.

I have interviewed Boebert twice for the Four Corners Free Press and see her whenever she is in town. I also have had the opportunity to participate on Zoom town hall meetings with her.

I think the measure of any elected official is twofold: What are they working on, and what is their voting record? I think some of your readers may be surprised to find that Lauren is one of the most hard-working, common-sense individuals in public office that I have seen.

How many of your readers are familiar with her most recent piece of legislation? H.R. 4302, the Active Forest Management, Wildlife Prevention and Community Protection Act, is a good and necessary piece of legislation as it will begin to return forest management to an active, rather than passive, state. For far too long we have listened to pretty much all the wrong people when it comes to sound forest health policy. I can speak from experience on that front, as I have a background in range and resource management.

As we begin to gear up for next year’s election, do yourself a favor. Look at potential candidates with facts, not paid-for hype or someone with an ax to grind.

Valerie Maez