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Boebert in AR-15 ‘cordless hole puncher’ shirt

According to The Denver Post, U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert co-sponsored a bill (HR-1095) aka “The National Gun Act” to make AR-15 style-assault weapons the “national gun in America.” A letter writer labeled it a “cruel joke.” Representatives Barry Moore of Arkansas, Andrew Clyde of Georgia, and the always controversial Marjorie Taylor Greene and George Santos are the other co-sponsors.

Three years ago, when Boebert initially ran for Congress, she vowed to save Colorado’’ water from downstream liberals, which was very appealing to many. She blamed liberals in a conspiracy to steal the vote, along with Colorado’s water.

However, her voting record contradicts the goal. She boasted of securing almost $230 million for storage and delivery projects, with an additional $50 million for rural projects to combat drought. James O’Rourke of the Colorado Times Recorder revealed that Boebert actually voted against this measure. According to O’Rourke, the Democrats passed the bill.

Did any of these bozos read Illinois’ U.S. Sen. Dick Durban’s February report on reducing gun violence from stolen firearms? If Boebert did, then why did she pose – and gleefully smile – displaying a shirt labeling the AR-15 as a “cordless hole puncher,” only a few hours following a mass shooting in Texas? Boebert, you and your co-sponsors are perverse!

Joe Hubbard