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Be safe, so kids can stay in school

RE-1 Superintendent Roy Johnson once closed RE-1 schools three days early for Christmas because of the flu. Teachers, students and parents were sick and no subs were left. This worked well for families leaving town for the holidays – not so well for families needing child care support, so parents could still work.

Because of COVID-19, parents have had enough of their kids at home. Few children got a great education from the internet, and many parents now understand how valuable our teachers and schools are to our families.

However, we have a divide between folks who believe and folks who don’t. I’m playing it safe – two shots and a booster. I try to remember my mask at the grocery store. I stay at least 6 feet away from the unmasked. It’s a pain, always, and some would say unnecessary. If so, I would ask the nonbelieving unvaccinated to pay for their beliefs by using their own money for the health care they will need if they get the virus. It’s OK to believe what you want, but put your own money at risk, not my tax dollars.

If you can’t afford to take a sick day, how about a sick month? If one would err, make it on the side of safety for us all. Don’t pass over a double yellow, do ride with an inflated spare tire, put your seat belt on and take a deep breath while you endure 10 more days with the kids.

Janet Chanay