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‘Be Fearless Every Day’ spring break camp coming to Mancos

Children who attended one of Burleson’s past camps pose for a photo. Acting and improv are two of the activities children will participate in during spring break camp this March. (John Burleson/Courtesy Photo)
Students will engage in a variety of activities during the weeklong camp

Montezuma County children will have a chance to “be fearless” during a weeklong spring break camp later this month.

The “Be Fearless Every Day” camp, hosted by LB Productions LLC, will be held March 18-22 in Mancos for children ages 5 to 12.

The camp promises a week “packed with fun and excitement,” and campers will get to enjoy singing, dancing, improv, hiking, crafts, games and more. A healthy lunch will be provided to campers as well, made by LB Productions founder Anita Burleson’s son, who is a chef.

“Every child needs the confidence to pursue their dreams in life,” Burleson said. “That’s why our camp theme this year is ‘Be Fearless Every Day.’ So whether it’s having the confidence to share your ideas, overcome adversity or just find their authentic voice, our camp activities are designed to give each child hope, purpose and an opportunity to shine their light wherever they go.”

Anita Burleson, founder of LB Productions LLC. (John Burleson/Courtesy Photo)

Burleson said the mission behind LB Productions and the camps being offered, including the upcoming spring break camp, is to help children understand their value and find their talents.

“We want to empower them and show them that they have value. Their ideas matter, their dreams matter because they’re the future of this world,” Burleson said. “My driving force is to encourage people to use the talents that are already in them. Children need that encouragement.”

Everything children will participate in during their time at the camp will be geared toward being courageous, speaking up, trying something new and making new friends.

A team of teachers will help run the camp, and students will be split into small groups. Every 40 minutes or so, the groups will rotate. Some may be doing crafts, while others are dancing, singing or acting.

“It’ll be nonstop activity with the theme of being fearless,” Burleson said.

Although students are separated into small groups, they aren’t separated by age. This encouraging students of all ages to interact with each other.

“We cultivate a family atmosphere,” Burleson said. “What always seems to happen is the big kids help the little kids and that relationship helps them grow. When you get that love from a younger kid who looks up to you, it empowers the big kid, and then the little kid is like, “Oh my gosh, this kid can help me.’”

While there is no limit on the number of students at this moment, Burleson said the goal is to have at least 35. For the summer camp Burleson is hosting, she hopes to have at least 50 children participate.

She also shared a story of a child with autism who attended her camp a number of years ago, and how the camp helped bring out a new side of her.

“We did a play called ‘The Reluctant Butterfly,’ and all she had to do was ‘fly’ across the stage like a butterfly. For her, that was a huge victory,” Burleson said. “When you see someone who has a challenge overcome that and do more they believe they can do, it’s amazing.”

While Burleson has done a large number of camps, this is the first one to take place in Mancos, as Burleson and her husband recently moved to Dolores.

Burleson founded LB Productions in Canada back in 2006 with the purpose of empowering the next generation of leaders in the United States, Canada and Europe.

“We believe that every person, big or small, has certain gifts and talents that simply need to be discovered and nourished,” Burleson said. “This will enable them to navigate life’s journey with purpose in order to let their light shine.”

Students who need help with the registration fee can apply for a scholarship that’s being provided thanks to some Dolores businesses.

To register, call Burleson at 307-829-0262 or by emailing info@lbpstudioproductions.com.

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