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‘Banning press’ from GOP event? ‘Hypocritical’

Matt Gaetz will appear at our local Republican gathering at Sky Ute Casino in Ignacio. Gaetz apparently is the headliner. Also, our elected U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert will also appear.

I use the word “appear” purposely. Speeches – if they give them – will be a canned rehash of all of the perceived evils of the Democratic party, as they like to say.

What does Matt Gaetz know about our local issues? I’d bet he couldn’t find Durango on a map.

Clearly, the only reason he is invited is to fuel divisions here in La Plata County. Boebert had to be on the list, although most reasonable Republicans can’t believe her juvenile behavior.

The embarrassment is bringing to sink in, I think.

Banning the press from the gathering? How hypocritical can those in charge of our local Republican Party be?

While they claim our local media doesn’t print the news they like, they won’t allow local coverage of their event?

I’m sure there will be a turnout to show Gaetz and his road show are not welcome by many. We will not hear the other side, media is not welcome. What don’t they want the public to hear?

Jim Sims