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Ban on open fires and use of fireworks suspended in Montezuma County

An open fire and fireworks ban has been lifted in Montezuma County. Sam Green/Special to The Journal
Recent moisture in the area has significantly lowered wildfire risk

On Tuesday, Sheriff Steve Nowlin announced the suspension of the ban on open fires and the use of fireworks in Montezuma County. The ban was created originally because of wildfire concerns.

The Montezuma County Ordinance No. 2-2015 noted the ban had been “based upon competent evidence … consistent with existing wildfire dangers.”

“Whereas,” the ordinance continued, “competent evidence has been presented of sufficient moisture throughout Montezuma County temporarily reducing existing wildfire dangers to normal conditions.”

The revision to the ordinance was signed off by Montezuma County Board of County Commissioners Chairman James Candelaria, Vice Chairman Kent Lindsay and Commissioner of Deeds Gerald Koppenhafer. It was also signed by County Clerk and Recorder Kim Percell.

The ban will be officially suspended at 6 a.m. on Wednesday, September 6, and will allow for campfires, controlled burns, firework displays and more in the county.

The suspension will continue for the foreseeable future until fire dangers become of concern once again.