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Attorney for city of Aztec suspected of battery

Tyson Gobble served summons, scheduled to appear in court

FARMINGTON – An attorney who represents the city of Aztec is suspected of battery and false imprisonment, according to a criminal complaint filed June 23.

According to the complaint, the Farmington Police Department responded to a report of domestic violence and a suicidal person June 19 at a home on the east side of town. When police arrived, a woman told an officer that things “went downhill” after she “picked up a putt” at a golf tournament.

The woman then recounted an argument between her and Tyson Gobble, who is contracted by the city of Aztec to provide legal counsel.

According to the woman, she and Gobble argued at the golf course, and Gobble refused to leave in the woman’s car. On returning home, the woman went inside to pack a bag and planned to leave with the children until Gobble calmed down.

But Gobble pushed her against a closet and grabbed her around the throat, the complaint said.

Gobble eventually left in a vehicle, but later returned and demanded the woman pull a gun out of a gun safe.

At that point, Gobble took an excess of pills, according to the complaint. The responding officer called for medics who took Gobble to the hospital.

A plumber who happened to be in the area when the incident occurred told police he heard a lot of “yelling and cussing,” and “(expletive) kind of hit the fan.”

The responding officer requested an arrest warrant for Gobble, but the warrant was quashed, according to the District Attorney’s Office. Gobble was eventually charged with battery, but he was not placed under arrest.

Gobble is scheduled to appear before a judge July 28, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

Gobble is contracted to work with the city of Aztec, and the incident doesn’t necessarily impact that contract, said City Manager Paul Eckert.

Efforts to reach Gobble for comment were unsuccessful.


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