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Aspiring patriots: Here’s how to assist

Saying “I’m a patriot” is like saying, “I’m a really amazing cook” or “I’m the least racist person in the world.” It’s really for others to decide.

The Montezuma Patriots often have flouted the speed limit on Main Street, flown illegal versions of the American flag and used the age-old subtext of violence to intimidate peaceful protesters who have been supporting Black Lives Matter. Then, the Patriots embrace the dog-whistle term “law and order.” Their noisy motorcades are also a disruption of one of the best examples of multi-partisanship in our community – the farmers market.

Using your rights doesn’t necessarily make you patriotic; it makes you fortunate. Using your rights to intimidate people you disagree with just makes you a bully, particularly if your people already control the government.

If aspiring patriots are looking for ways to serve their country and community, there are many needs going unmet. The homeless shelter could use volunteers, the various food banks are overwhelmed with need and mentoring programs can’t find enough recruits.

Ole ByeCortez