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A look back at the week Feb. 19-25

Northwestern Normal College of Aztec, 1900. (Photo Archives at the Aztec Museum)
This Week in History

The following is a recap of local events for this time period throughout history.

40 years ago (1984)

Twelve Aztec troops will be among the more than 10,000 Girl Scouts from the Chaparral Girl Scout Council participating in the 1984 cookie sale Friday, Feb. 24, through Monday, March 12. The girls represent Brownie, Junior, Cadette and Senior troops. Cookies available will include Hoedowns, a chocolate and peanut cream, and Kookaburras, a wafer and caramel cookie with a chocolate coating. Both were new last year. The traditional Thin Mints, ScotTeas and Savannahs will also be available. All boxes cost $1.75 and are sold directly to customers by the scouts. … The 1983 sale set a record as the scouts sold more than 400,000 boxes. The cookie sale is the largest single source of support for the scouting program.

Aztec Independent Review

50 years ago (1974)

Our alert sports reporter picked up info that Steve Barrett, assistant football coach from the University of Oklahoma, was recently in attendance at the Aztec-Farmington wrestling matches. His interest was in recruiting Jackie Thornton, Farmington football standout, for the Big Red team. Barrett was outstanding safety man for OU on defense a few years ago. He is from Artesia where he played football in high school.

Aztec Independent Review

75 years ago (1949)

A fire, which started in the basement from unknown origin, did considerable damage to the grade school building Wednesday afternoon. All children marched from the building and none were injured. Quick action by Aztec Fire Department saved the building.

Aztec Independent Review

100 years ago (1924)

Occasionally there occurs a lucky auto accident. Sunday afternoon Don Martin and Glenn Lane and lady companions were out riding in a Ford joy-promoting flivver – not heedless of possible accidents but of the balance of the world. A few feet from the bridge a half mile west of Bloomfield the front car wheels went k-plunk into chuck holes, breaking the steering gear, the auto and its human load turning a summersault over a 15-foot embankment and hitting two feet of mud and water, three of the occupants being pinned beneath, Lane having been hurled from the car during its sensational dive, receiving slight injury. The other three occupants were quickly extricated, emerging from the mud bath pool with scarcely a scratch. The car was badly wrecked, but the dive it made was a regular movie drama thriller.

San Juan Review

110 years ago (1914)

While visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Anderson, one mile west of Flora Vista, Miss Edith Chittenden was accidently shot, a stray dog being the cause of the accident, the gun a 22 calibre, being in the hands of Miss Maggie Rutherford who playfully announced her intention of trying her marksmanship on the dog, when Miss Edith, to protect the dog, stepped in front of the gun which was discharged, she receiving the contents instead of the dog. The wound not necessarily dangerous, yet a painful one, will confine Miss Edith to her bed for some time. The ball passed thru the thigh at a point about three inches below the hip, at a downward course, making a wound about twelve inches long.

Farmington Times Hustler

120 years ago (1904)

Last Saturday we had a new experience. Dr. Rosenthal came into the Times office and uncovered before our eyes a bullet which he had taken from a woman’s skull just a few moments before. It was still red with fresh blood, and pieces of skull adhered to it. The woman was shot by her jealous husband at Monticello, Utah, some six weeks ago. The gun used was a 44 caliber. The wife was just stooping at the door when the shot was fired and the ball lodged between the inner and outer layers of the skull in the back of the head. The concussion caused her to lay unconscious for fifteen days. She then allied and last week was brought to Dr. Rosenthal by Juan N. Jaquez, a relative, for treatment with the above results. The Doctor’s operation proved successful, and the woman is recovering rapidly. This was a skillful piece of surgical work.

Farmington Times

This Week in Local History is compiled by Debi Tracy Olsen, local journalist and member of the Aztec Museum Board of Directors. The stories are pulled from newspaper archives and are reprinted as they appeared, errors and all.