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3-D ‘well-represented by Boebert’

The guest column by Steve Mandell on July 31 in The Durango Herald begs for a response. First, it was completely unnecessary to admit that Mandell is biased. It is painfully obvious just by reading his words. I doubt he is “setting it aside” as he claims. Mandell did get one thing right – Adam Frisch is unlikely to win the 3rd Congressional District seat currently held by Lauren Boebert.

Frisch is indeed, as he admits, a rich white guy who lives in Aspen. He claims to be a moderate Democrat, but then, so did President Joe Biden, and look where we are now. Mandell claims that Frisch will make Western Colorado better, but never even hints on what that would entail.

The constituents in the 3rd Congressional District are well-represented by Boebert. She is hardworking, unwoke, God-fearing and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Boebert won her primary by a huge landslide, even though Dems thought it necessary to vote for the RINO Don Coram to try and alter the outcome. Additionally, referring to Boebert voters as low-information and extremist is inflammatory. Republicans are “extremist” and Democrats are only “registered,” according to Mandell.

I would be very careful if I were him, deciding who is the “low-information voter.” If he voted for Biden, as I suspect he did, then wouldn’t that shoe fit better on his foot?

Jackie O’Karma