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3-D art show is opening at restaurant in Mancos

Cortez artist Rosie Carter takes her three-dimensional show “All Shining Briefly” to Olio Restaurant in Mancos beginning Aug. 27.

Cortez artist Rosie Carter brings her three-dimensional works to Olio Restaurant in Mancos this week.

Carter’s show, titled “All Shining Briefly,” runs Aug. 27 through Oct. 15. It will be the third time she’s shown her rustic, countryside-inspired creations at Olio.

“I really try to evolve my work when I doing now projects,” she said. “I like to push myself with new materials and new imagery.”

Carter’s artwork starts with a simple drawing and many become screenprints on paper or sheet metal. But others evolve into detailed, diorama-like presentations that pop out of their box frames.

The self-taught artist grew up in New Mexico, she said, fascinated by shrines and stage and puppet sets.

“I always wanted to put stuff in boxes,” Carter said.

The huge, expansive Western landscape influences her work too, she said. She’s also interested in geology and the huge scale of time that worked to shape the area. Thinking about how this area was once covered by a massive inland ocean and giant mountain ranges have come and gone puts into perspective the inconsequential nature of humanity, she said.

“‘All Shining Briefly’ reflects that brief moment in time,” Carter said.

Despite her awareness of this massive scale, her art features smaller, pastoral moments such as flocks of birds flying and quaint country homes.

Recently, Carter has experimented with wire to create more abstract pieces. That will be something new for people who have been familiar with her previous work, she said.

Carter is excited to show her work once again at Olio, which she said is a wonderful space to display art. She leaves her work open to interpretation for those who view it.

“I like my work to speak for itself,” Carter said. “I hope it speaks to people on an emotional level.”

Carter also is the owner of Home and Range, which deals farm-inspired products for homes and gardens, including Carter’s line of screen-printed pillows, towels and linens. For more information, visit homeandrange.com.


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