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3 approaches to community values

Three recent articles in The Journal shared three approaches to community issues.

Pleasant View neighbors don't want to see solar panels on their neighbor's property because they'd rather see farming even though the drought has made farming unprofitable. If some survive producing clean energy, while others have more water to farm and make a profit, isn't that a win for the community?

White Mesa Mill wants to enter new markets and expand leach processing of uranium within two miles of White Mesa, home to Ute Mountain Ute people. White Mesa Mill has ignored Ute people's demands to stop polluting the land, water and air for years. The Environmental Protection Agency has stepped in numerous times over the years because of Clean Air Act violations, including the current containment pond lacking cover and leaking radon. Cortez is less than 70 miles east with the wind blowing the contaminants and dust this way. Yet, White Mesa Mill ignores health and safety concerns from pollution and takes the profits. If they cared about the Ute people, they would take their millions and move that plant far away from any community.

Finally, the Lower Dolores River Group with members from all concerned groups from three counties, has worked for 14 years to protect the Lower Dolores River corridor. They worked through the bill creation process and crafted a solution that doesn't please everyone, but keeps the river under a kind of local control. It's supported by our legislators because it has community support.

Which community values do you support?

Jennifer Jane Singer