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Sam Brasch

Ballot proposal to protect furnaces and gas stoves in Colorado is dead – for now

Political group did not file petitions by April 18 deadline to put measure on ballot

Colorado’s reintroduced wolves have killed four more cattle in Grand County

This marks the largest cluster of livestock losses since reintroduction in December

How much money can you save on home electrification projects? Colorado has a new tool to add up incentives

Colorado residents have a new tool to estimate how much they could save on electric appliances like heat pumps and induction stoves by taking advantage of a growing number of financial incen...

How a former state Republican became one of Colorado’s biggest climate hawks

Sen. Kevin Priola backed a drilling ban that many of his fellow Democrats couldn’t stomach

Colorado launches a $450 e-bike rebate for everyone. So why aren’t many bike shops participating?

Program requires retailers to float costs of discounts for up to a year

Colorado scientists develop a laser to measure cow burps

A new study suggests an instrument developed in Colorado could clarify an urgent mystery facing the planet: the amount of climate-warming pollution wafting out of cows and other farm animals...

Colorado lawmakers prep legislation to limit local power over wind and solar projects

Colorado lawmakers are drafting legislation to ensure local governments can’t derail the state’s ambitious plans to transition to carbon-free energy sources like wind and solar. While Democr...

Why Xcel Energy’s push to expand EV incentives has divided climate and consumer advocates

Buying an electric vehicle could soon be even cheaper for millions of Coloradans. The state already offers generous programs and tax benefits to offset the cost of a new plug-in vehicle as a...

Here’s where Colorado wolves have been hanging out – for now

It’s been more than a month since Gov. Jared Polis popped open a set of crates holding wolves from Oregon, kicking off the state’s voter-approved effort to restore a viable population of pre...

Campaign to protect natural gas at the Colorado ballot box gains momentum and money

After years of threatening to reignite Colorado’s oil and gas ballot wars, the state’s fossil fuel industry appears more serious than ever about mounting a campaign to ask voters to protect ...

Colorado’s statewide e-bike program is so popular that it’s already used up its initial funding

Colorado’s statewide e-bike program has proven so shockingly successful that it’s now clamping on the brakes to review its budget and reallocate funding from a separate grant program for bat...

How a gas utility fought to keep two Colorado towns hooked on fossil fuels

Once a sleepy coal mining town, Crested Butte has transformed itself into a year-round tourism magnet. In the winter, the community of 1,500 people tucked into the Rocky Mountains is a pictu...