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Andrew Kenney

Colorado to fully fund public schools for first time in 14 years

It has been more than 20 years since Colorado voters amended the state Constitution to create supposedly mandatory funding requirements for public schools. Turns out, they weren’t so mandato...

How the Colorado Blue Book gets to 2 million voters in the state

Julia Jackson had checked and rechecked her work – but it’s hard not to feel anxious when your work is about to be mailed to pretty much every household in the state of Colorado. “It gets ha...

Property taxes are set to rise big time next year – will your local government do anything about it?

Local governments in Colorado are set to cash in next year. With property values skyrocketing, counties, cities, schools and others could collect millions of dollars more in property taxes. ...

Two new Colorado gun laws take effect Sunday

Coloradans will have to wait three days to receive a gun after they buy it

About 5,000 people will have an insurance gap after Friday Health’s collapse in Colorado

When state regulators shut down Friday Health Plans this summer, it sent tens of thousands of customers scrambling for new insurance in Colorado. The state allowed those affected to buy new ...

A statewide cap on property taxes could be on next year’s ballot

Colorado voters could face another property tax question next year. Supporters say this one offers a simple, statewide remedy for property owners, but opponents argue it would come with a ho...

Shining lasers at airplanes is now even more illegal in Colorado

A new state law gives local police more power to stop laser-wielding scofflaws

Colorado cities may have to eliminate ‘growth caps’ under new state law

Gov. Jared Polis signed legislation: ‘We must all work together to create more housing’

Colorado rent control bill fails in committee

One of the panel’s Democrats joined Republicans to kill legislation: ‘This one’s really hard for me’

Colorado’s paid family leave program kicking off Jan. 1

Employers are required to start collecting premiums for the new FAMLI program

Coloradans could vote on a $70 million ‘attainable housing’ fee in 2023

The measure would be funded by a new fee on real estate sales.

Coloradans might get a TABOR refund in spring

Amount will depend on income levels