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‘Prop. HH a bait-and-switch’

Did you know that the Colorado government does not need the voters’ permission to lower taxes; only raise them? This raises the question, “Why do we need Proposition HH?” The answer? Because they are misleading you.

The state Legislature, like last year, could have passed a simple bill to lower the state assessment rate, without a vote of the people, but chose instead to refer Prop. HH to the ballot.

Prop. HH is a bait-and-switch. Proponents are using the potential for nominal property tax relief to take away Colorado Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights refunds indefinitely.

Property taxes are still going to go up. And what about the 768,000 renters – that’s 33% of Colorado households? They will carry the burden of increased taxing and spending, and the elimination of their TABOR refunds with no property tax relief at all. On Tuesday, vote “no” on Prop HH.

Davin Montoya