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Mary Dodd is named chairperson of the year by Colorado Democrats

Mary Dodd, chairwoman of the Montezuma County Democrats, was named 2022 Chair of the Year by the Colorado Democratic Party. (Jim Mimiaga/The Journal)
Increased participation got attention of party officials

Montezuma County Democratic Party Chair Mary Dodd received the Obama Gala Award for Chair of the Year by the Colorado Democratic Party this month at a ceremony in Denver.

“I’m honored to receive the award, and it represents the hard work of not only me but of all of our volunteers,” she said.

Dodd credited an active base and increased participation in the county by Democrats, which got the attention of state party officials.

“We have had great election turnout, and I think the difference is that we are canvassing more. In 2022 we had over 30 volunteers who knocked on 11,000 doors. In 2018, we knocked on 7,000 doors,” Dodd said. “Talking to voters is much more effective than just dropping off literature.”

Because of the successful turnout for Democrats in the 2020 presidential election and the 2022 midterm election, Dodd said the Montezuma County Democrats won bonus seats on the central committees of the Colorado Democratic Party, including for the Third Congressional, House District 59, Senate District 6, and 22nd Judicial District.

Additionally, two seats on the Colorado Democratic Party’s Executive Committee were awarded to the chair and first vice-chair.

In the 2022 election, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet got 40.55% of the vote in Montezuma County, compared with the 2020 election when U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper attracted 36.45% of the vote, an increase of 4.1 percentage points.

The candidates lost in Montezuma County, but won statewide.

In the 2022 election for U.S. Representative District 3, Democrat Adam Frisch got 42.68% of the vote, compared with the 2020 election when Democrat candidate Diane Mitsch Bush got 36.73% of the vote, a 5.95% increase.

Republican U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert won both races statewide and in Montezuma County 57% to 43% in 2022 and 60% to 37% in 2020.

Susan Rain and Lance McDaniel were elected to fill the bonus seats on the Colorado Democratic Party Central Committee.

McDaniel and Miriam Dunbar were elected to fill the bonus seats on the Third Congressional District Central Committee.

Sue Garlick and Alan Rolston were elected to fill the bonus seats on the House District 59 Central Committee. Roanne Kuenzler was elected to fill the bonus seat on the Senate District 6 Central Committee. Dianne Daniel and Meghan Vosloo were elected to fill the bonus seats on the 22nd Judicial District Central Committee.

MB McAfee, Dianne Daniel, and Susan Rain were appointed by the chair to serve on the House District 58 Central Committee.