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Letter: Recall attempt violates freedom of speech

What does “freedom of speech” mean to Montezuma County residents? Does it mean certain people have freedom of speech, when others do not?

Lance McDaniel took the initiative to step up to the plate and submit his letter of interest to the RE-1 School Board, a volunteer position, which no one else would volunteer for in 2018. Lance then ran unopposed in 2019. This same position is up for election on the November 2021 ballot.

Lance made a few posts on Facebook that some people did not approve of, so they decided to attempt to recall him from the school board. We taxpayers are now faced with a $20,000-plus recall election bill, taking money away from children’s education.

Since when does Montezuma County force a recall election due to politics and difference in opinions, whether it is political or something different? We have dealt with the battle of politics for over a year now. Just because you don’t agree with people and their posts on social media does not justify this recall. It’s called freedom of speech. Save local freedom of speech. Vote no on the attempt to recall Lance McDaniel.

Angela Randall-Salazar


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