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Fact Checkers must look at truth

In a recent letter to the editor (“Not Entitled to Your Own Facts,” Journal, Nov. 10), the author pulled a Fake News, MSM trick of distorting the truth by pulling out isolated “facts” promoting one point of view. He was acting like the FB “factcheckers.”

He needs to take his own advice. He brought up S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite being at a high. I think his point was shot down by the large article in the same edition of The Journal, “Americans sour on economy, poll says.” It points out that 65% of Americans call the economy poor. Americans expect the economy to get worse in the next year with 30% thinking it will get better.

I think my way of evaluating is the best. Go to your retirement fund (with a diversified portfolio) and notice that you are losing money over the last six months. I did note that the TSP C Fund is growing. I won’t continue in that because it is made up of Big Tech (Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook), which is destroying free speech. More jobs are not from creating them, Biden is creating a culture that doesn’t want to work. The economy is shutting down, going toward socialism. Biden is destroying the heart of America that values hard work, productivity, earning your own way, honoring God and the sanctity of life, honesty (not politicians and their families getting rich selling out America). The Journal altered the title for my article. I called it “Admit Your Mistake.”

Thomas B. Burnison