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Ag Expo: A great way to spend a day or two with the region’s many faces of agriculture

If you haven’t attended the Four States Agricultural Exposition in recent years, you’re likely to be surprised at the breadth of agriculture in the region. It goes far beyond cattle, hay and grain, and its diversity is a growing strength.

From traditional production operations to market gardens supplying local restaurants, from the sale barn to farmers markets, from cattle on the range to hemp in the field and curly-haired pigs in the pen, from toddlers pretending to rope steers and ride bucking horses, to students in 4-H and FFA, to seniors who’ve worked on the land for decades, agriculture has many different faces. It’s still here, going strong and not going away.

Kudos to the Ag Expo organizers, who have included something for nearly everyone. Whether attendees want to gain up-to-date information, look into the newest crops being grown near here, learn something new, check out equipment, converse with friends, watch some talented young people show off very impressive skills as they grow into their place in the world, or just be entertained, the Ag Expo is the place to be this weekend.

And all of this is in celebration of, and service to, the agricultural industry and tradition in this region. Ag may not be as large a part of the economy as it once was, but it is as important as ever in determining the character of this place.

An important highlight of the expo will be the Friday afternoon screening of the film, “Farmers for America,” sponsored by the local Four Corners Farmers and Ranchers Coalition, a joint chapter of the National Young Farmers Coalition and Rocky Mountain Farmers Union. If you miss it Friday, it will be at the Henry Strater Theatre in Durango on Saturday. At the center of the film are the farmers, young and old, who provide the spirit and energy to bring urban and rural America together over what both share in common: our food. These farmers are the face of America.

So come out this weekend to learn what’s new in agriculture, celebrate what’s timeless, and greet some local folks who grow our food and fiber. A three-day pass is just $12, and youths younger than 16 attend free. Don’t miss it.

Visit fourstatesagexpo.com for the full schedule and more information.

Mar 16, 2018
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