How to keep your heart warm through winter

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Greg Storz and Laura Tacker enjoy breakfast at Absolute Bakery in the 2013. The bakery is at 110 South Main in Mancos. Enlargephoto

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Greg Storz and Laura Tacker enjoy breakfast at Absolute Bakery in the 2013. The bakery is at 110 South Main in Mancos.

By Mac Neely

Tired of the cold miserable weather? Lots going on in Mancos, so come visit us!

They just keep comingThe Absolute Bakery on Main Street in Mancos is celebrating its 10th year. Ten years ago, Jeph Blaine, 17 or so years old, told his father he wanted a restaurant and would they help him. How many kids do that? David Blaine, of course, said “yes” and bought the Absolute Bakery. And, Mancos was blessed with a remarkable place to eat.

One day I asked David for an interview. He laughed and said, “They just keep coming.”

There is no question that the Absolute Bakery is good. Travelers from all over the world have eaten there. One day I met a man from Holland, a couple from France, one from Spain, and another group from Italy. All in one day. It’s like that all the time. Of course, people come from all parts of Colorado as well. It’s just a small cozy restaurant – two rooms, unmatched tables and chairs, funky wood carving on the walls and a variety of local artwork. The wait staff is a group of friendly, welcoming young women who bring you one of the best breakfasts and lunches you’ve ever eaten. They’re open every morning for breakfast except Mondays, and every day for lunch except Sunday and Monday.

Your meal is not frilly or fancy, just plain good. The size of the serving is huge. But you can almost always have a half order. One day, a young man sitting near me ordered pancakes and an omelet. Before it was served, I leaned over said, jokingly, “You know, you have to clean your plate.” He laughed and patted his stomach and said, “No problem.”

Then, the food arrived. The pancakes filled the dinner plate, and the omelet filled another. He looked at me, and bravely tackled the food. A little later, he was struggling. I leaned over and said, “I was joking. You can take it home.”

When he left, he carried the to-go box with him, and said, “I really tried, but no way. It’s so good.”

Don’t let my story scare you away. Another plus is the friends that you can make while eating. Come in. You never know who you will meet. And you’ll never have had food as good as at the Absolute. See you there.

Cathy Epps updatePlease support team EPPSolutely, and come buy a T-shirt. They are a beautiful blue with black and white lettering. Sizes range from youth small to adult XXXL. Available at Mancos Elementary School, Cattle Drive Coffee Company, or Cellar Cuts. Prices are $15 to $17, and all profits go to supporting Cathy Epps.

Jan Goldman at OlioIn your new blue T-shirt, visit Olio at 114 W. Grand Ave. Jan Goldman will be exhibiting her Southwest journey in pastels. The reception will be Saturday, Feb. 18 from 4-6 p.m. Olio will serve hors d’oeuvres, and you can buy the wine. If you can’t make on the 18th, the show will run until April 1.

The Mancos School of the WestThe Mancos School of the West is holding a stained glass mosaic workshop Feb. 18-19. The instructor is Lily Russo. For more information, go to

New at the Painted TurtleOil paintings, wheel throwing and garden totems from three local artists: Bonnie Bryant, Kimberly Wilson and Janet Lever. Call 970-533-7136 for more information.

These things should keep you warm until the end of winter.