Police Blotter


. An officer in a marked patrol car noted a white vehicle in front of him with a brake light out, and pulled it over. He made contact with the female driver who told him that she did not have a driver's license on her, or any other form of ID. She provided the officer with a name that came back from dispatch as having a valid driver's license. The officer recognized the male front seat passenger, and the woman in the back seat identified herself as the registered owner of the vehicle. The officer gave the driver a verbal warning, and let them leave. On Jan. 9, the officer received information that the woman that he had pulled over may have been using someone else's identity, and after reviewing photos, he determined that the driver was a woman with three active warrants out for her arrest, as well as having a revoked driver's license for an alcohol offense. An arrest warrant was sought for the woman for criminal impersonation and driving under revocation.


. An officer was dispatched to Walmart for an adult male shoplifter. They had a Dolores male detained after they had observed him acting suspiciously and hanging around the west exit, and then go past a register without paying. A loss prevention associate was waiting for him when he exited the store. The man had one item in his cart: a rocking chair valued at $70. This was the second time the man had been caught for shoplifting at the store, and he was charged with criminal trespass in addition to shoplifting.


. At the request of dispatch, an officer responded to the county jail to serve six active warrants to a woman who was currently incarcerated. The woman was brought to the booking area where she was advised and served with warrants: three failures to comply, two failures to appear on contempt of court (with protection order violations), and one municipal warrant. After being served, she was returned to the care and custody of jail staff.


. An officer returned a call to a woman who reported that the day before at approximately 3:45 p.m. she discovered that she was missing her wedding ring. She had been in the family locker room at the Cortez Recreation Center, and had taken the ring off and put it down. She left the Rec Center, and immediately returned, but was unable to locate the ring. The woman had seen only one other person leave the room while she was there. The ring is described as a large gold center band with a smaller gold band affixed to each side, and has three diamonds; the center diamond was a larger stone in a diamond shape with a smaller princess-cut diamonds on either side. The ring was valued at $3,000. The woman was able to provide photographs of the missing ring.

. The loss prevention associate for Walmart spoke with an officer to report a shoplifter. He stated that he observed a male wearing a black baseball cap, black hooded sweatshirt, black jeans, and carrying a black backpack, in the electronics department. The suspect grabbed a Schosche four-plug USB wall charger, walked to the hardware department, and concealed the item in his backpack. He then went to the fabric and crafts department, and stole a bottle of tulip-colored fabric paint and a pack of 100-count 3-by-4 inch fabric craft bags. When the suspect tried to walk out the east doors after bypassing the cash registers without paying, he was confronted by loss prevention and gave back the craft items and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge and two five-hour energy drinks. He then ran out the door and towards the Giant gas station and Denny's. While he was running, a fixed blade knife fell out of the suspect's backpack. The knife was described as a serrated 3-inch blade with a blue and black handle, and as being in the shape of a hook. The wall charger was not recovered. A female employee who witnessed the incident provided the name of a possible suspect.


. An officer on patrol observed a white vehicle traveling west that was driving left of center in the opposite lane of travel. Two officers contacted the occupants of the vehicle and recognized the woman in the passenger seat as a woman who was wanted for multiple warrants, including having criminally impersonated another woman during a traffic stop a few days prior. The woman was arrested under multiple warrants and left in the care and custody of detention center staff.


. An officer responded to Hong Kong restaurant in reference to a theft, and spoke with a woman who stated that she and three of her small children went to eat at the restaurant at approximately noon. One of her daughters was carrying her purse for her, and set the purse down on a bench near the front entrance while they waited to be seated. They went to their table and were there for approximately 10 minutes when the woman realized that she did not have her purse and went back to bench where it was left, but the purse was no longer there. It was described as a big black purse with the word "Fox" stitched in pink all over it. It contained the woman's keys, her AT&T Samsung cell phone in a blue case, several debit and credit cards, her ID, a checkbook with blank Bank of America checks, and social security cards for herself and five other people including her children. The officer spoke with some employees of the restaurant, and they told the officer that several people left within the time frame of the theft, and they did not see the person who took it. The woman said that she would cancel all of her cards immediately.


. An officer was dispatched to speak with a guest staying at a motel in reference to a noise complaint. The reporting party, who wished to remain anonymous, told the officer that there was constant noise coming from a nearby room. She said that she hears a female yelling at some small children, and is tired of the late night noise. The officer went to the room in question and listened outside for a few minutes, but noticed no noise or lights coming from the room. When he knocked, a woman came to the door, and the officer explained to her about the noise complaint. She told the officer that she and her three children had been asleep since 10:30 p.m. The officer noted that all three children were tucked in and sound asleep. Dispatch advised the officer that the woman had a warrant, and she was arrested and taken into custody. The woman contacted her mother and asked her to care for the children while she was incarcerated. The mother arrived a short time later, and the woman was transported to the detention center and left in custody.